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Node Package Manager – Installing Packages Per Project

Just a quick note. I’m using Ubuntu on my development machine. I have been using the less css ( lessc ) package provided via npm ( node package manager ) and installed in my local user ( you know ~/ or perhaps /home/USER ) directory but wanted to install it on a per project basis. [...]

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Tag Gallery Update and TimThumb

Update: The fix is in the repository at and should show up in your plugins shortly. Hopefully this fixes the path issues. The version number is 0.2.0. I was notified recently by the WordPress team that the version of TimThumb that was bundled with Tag Gallery contained a possible security vulnerability. In order to [...]

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Initially, I had installed this blog day before yesterday into a sub-directory on my domain.  About ten minutes ago I’ve decided to migrate the site into the root so some things may not be working properly for a bit as I clean up. Update: As I was migrating the website I lost the post about [...]

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