I love sound. It may be music, nature, the whirring of interesting machines or loud ideas beckoning for my attention from the deeper regions of the brain. As long as it sings in some magical way I love it. If your a whining, nit-picking, attention starved ass at the table next to me your in the group of sound I don’t like. Otherwise, the sounds of being alive are impressive. The sound of silence is very much included in the impressive category, especially if your that clueless ass sitting at the table next to me.

I also love making sound. Exploring sound. Searching out the treasures of audible perception that excite the imagination. This love has lead me to explore music in a more hands on way for years. I’ve been in bands, jammed with many friends and acquaintances, lost myself for hours amazed that my appendages could actually bring my thoughts into the world to entertain me.

I have a lot to say about sound. I’m hoping that by making this first step actually writing a small bit about it on my little piece of the web will spur me to write more, release some recordings and connect with the world via one of my closest and dearest loves… my love of music, sound and audible curiosities.

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