Hello world. So I have decided to start a blog about whatever happens to come into my life. I suspect it will result in many posts covering software development, graphic design, playing or producing music, and most certainly my travels. I am currently building a small company that provides business solutions to small and medium enterprises. We work on content management and inventory control systems along with various business intelligence projects and web development. We build Rich Internet Applications as well. Flash and Actionscript have been good friends of mine for many years and I have recently been playing with Adobe’s Apollo project that you can find at Adobe Labs. I have been working on and developing with TYPO3 for about four years now. TYPO3 is a content management framework written mostly in PHP and I have found it to be the swiss army knife of platforms although it certainly has some shortcomings that will most likely be addressed in version 5 codenamed Phoenix (surprise).

I have been playing music for as long as I can remember. I mostly sing and play guitar though I have been known to pick up the bass and bang on the drums as well. I produce all of my projects on my own now using FL Studio, Sonoma Wire Works, and Line 6 equipment for the most part. My favorite ax would have to be my year 2000 Parker Fly Classic though I really miss my Ventura which is still on the eastern coast of the US in Plymouth, Massachusetts. One of these days when I settle down a bit I will have it shipped here to Maui where I am currently or possibly elsewhere (Panama anyone??).

I attended Virginia Tech and Blacksburg was the little town in the mountains where I found some of the best friends a person could have. My second to last year there I met someone that truly changed the way I experience the world and at times I feel I owe her the world for it, though she would probably disagree. She always did. We saw each other for the last time at the airport in Northern Virginia, she on her way to Greece and Spain and I moving to Hawaii. She didn’t say goodbye as if we would somehow find ourselves in such a position again someday. I said goodbye, though maybe I shouldn’t have. Time will tell.

I moved to the Big Island of Hawaii in June of 2006 dead set on seeing the whole world in this body before finding myself in another. That is certainly still the plan although building a company whilst trekking around the planet is pretty much not possible for me just yet. So I took the chill pill and settled on Maui where I have been now for only 8 weeks. The Art Director for Slipcase Media and my great friend Francis Dayton will be moving here on May 30th to join Light (my other great friend) and I in our attempt to build an incredible company. Things are going well although working non stop on perpetual basis can be rather unnerving at times. I think we will do just fine, we really don’t have a choice in the matter anyhow.

Well, this post has reached it’s end. There is much more to know and tell though my self imposed and highly recommended break time has come to it’s end. Aloha.

This post orinally appeared on johnnypeck.com in May 2007 whilst I was in Maui. It’s 2023 and I just found this again. Like a time machine! Internet Archive for the win!

Rooted at JohnnyPeck.com, this post travelled through the Internet Archive Wayback Machine and back again.

It’s back home now.

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