• Bald Faced Hornets Up Close Being Hornets

    Posted a new Bald Face Hornets video to YouTube. Check it out. Up close. Really up-close. No talking, just buzz & nature sounds abounds. This one is more into the start of a series of videos starting in July. I suppose this could be considered episode one.

  • Spoon Fed Bald Faced Hornet

    Spoon fed a bald face hornet. The nest was attacked during the night. Bitten from below by some as yet to be identified creature. I assume the larvae were the target.

  • Hello, world [2023 Edition]

    We did it in five days. We had real OOM (Out Of Memory) issues back then. It was beautiful. It was awesome and philosophical. Would you give up one foot for another?
  • Node Package Manager - Installing Packages Per Project

    Just a quick note. I’m using Ubuntu on my development machine. I have been using the less css ( lessc ) package provided via npm ( node package manager ) and installed in my local user ( you know ~/ or perhaps /home/USER ) directory but wanted to install it on a per project basis. Initially when I tried the npm install for less in the project I was rather confused as the package manager is supposed to install to the current working directory yet it kept installing to the currently installed location which was not within my project but within my user directory. That was not what I wanted.

  • NetBeans, Plugins and Git - Too Slow

    Just a quick note about NetBeans. I use NetBeans IDE 7.0.1 at the moment and not too long ago I installed the Git plugin from the Plugin Portal in the hopes that it would speed up my workflow a bit. In all honesty, I’m a big fan of Git on the command line and never really even used the Git plugin aside from briefly. It was slightly useful to see in the file tree what was and was not under version control but even that was not so interesting.

  • Tag Gallery Update and TimThumb

    Update: The fix is in the repository at WordPress.org and should show up in your plugins shortly. Hopefully this fixes the path issues. The version number is 0.2.0.

  • StackPress and Tag Gallery Update

    I’ve recently been using Stack Overflow quite a bit and find the discussions have helped me out often. I’ve decided to use the recently published API to allow a WordPress blog to retrieve and display information from the Stack Overflow family of sites via a widget or shortcode, whichever suits the given situation.

  • Migration

    Initially, I had installed this blog day before yesterday into a sub-directory on my domain. About ten minutes ago I’ve decided to migrate the site into the root so some things may not be working properly for a bit as I clean up.

  • Tag Gallery

    A few days ago I was looking for a better way to manage galleries in WordPress for a friends new site. We found it rather awkward to deal with the built in gallery short-code when it came to removing images from a gallery or even adding them. It seems ridiculous that media must be uploaded through a post or page to add it to a gallery. Even more annoying is that you must delete an image from the Media Library as a whole just to remove it from a gallery on any given page. This is rather unintuitive. I think media should be managed completely by the Media Library and attached/unattached from pages or posts at will. The post should simply be a vehicle to display media, not a part of the management of such.

  • Hello World [2010 Edition]

    Aloha and welcome to my new website. I’ve hastened the creation of this site (installed it two hours ago) as I need a place to organize all the things I’ve been working on and rather than waiting until I have the time to create the site I would prefer and chasing text files all over the place, I figured I might as well just start putting up the content and let it evolve as it may.

  • Sound - archive

    I love sound. It may be music, nature, the whirring of interesting machines or loud ideas beckoning for my attention from the deeper regions of the brain. As long as it sings in some magical way I love it. If your a whining, nit-picking, attention starved ass at the table next to me your in the group of sound I don’t like. Otherwise, the sounds of being alive are impressive. The sound of silence is very much included in the impressive category, especially if your that clueless ass sitting at the table next to me.

  • In Progress

    This is just a quick post to mention that this site went live today simply because of the .maintenance post. I figured some people may find the fix useful so I went ahead and transferred a few posts from my local machine and made this site public but without the design or much else.

  • Wordpress Maintenance Bug After Upgrade

    A few moments ago I was using the RC2 version of Wordpress. The Dashboard alerted me to the new ‘Coltrane’ version which is the final release for the 2.7 cycle. In the RC2 release it gave me the option to ‘Upgrade Automatically,’ so I figured, well, might as well give it a try.

  • Exploring Blender 3D

    I think it was 2003 or so when I took part in the creation of my first 3D animated short film. We called it Five Days on account that we made the 3-minute short in five days. Along with my friends Mark Herbert and Jordan Greene we crafted a little story around some wooden dolls, animated the film in 3DSMAX, post production in Adobe Premiere and finally had the piece completed and showing in the local film festival in five days. Those were fun times. At some point I will upload the film to this site to share, in the mean time, on with the post.

  • Eclipse PDT Explorer View

    For years now I have been an ardent Eclipse user. The Eclipse IDE is not only open-source software and ‘free as in freedom’ but the incredible effort put forth by so many great individuals and actual, thinking corporations has resulted in an amazingly usable and easily adaptable development environment.

  • Software & Tools

    I have decided to store links and bits of information on the various software and tools that I find useful. I assume that most will be free as in freedom sort of offerings though some may come with an actual sticker price.

  • ScribeFire - Hopefully, blogging that fits my schedule

    So I decided to test out the Firefox extension ScribeFire which you can find in the Add-Ons section of the Mozilla.com website. Due to the obvious lack of posting thus far on my Blog here at johnnyPeck.com I have taken to finding a faster, integrated tool to do my blogging as I feel it will fit my schedule a bit easier than directing any particular amount of time to posting a blog which just does not work for me.

  • Clearwire

    So Francis and I went to local mall a few miles from the house earlier today and bought the Clearwire wireless broadband service. Honestly, it was the easiest encounter I have ever had for any service. We took our new gadget home, stuck it in the corner of the room, and proceeded to cook burgers. Burgers and fresh, toasty, wireless internet goodness.

  • New House in Maui

    This past Wednesday we finally moved into our new place in Maui. It’s about 1000 square feet and in the Maui county seat of Wailuku at base of the mountain entrance to Iao valley which is wicked beautiful. It is a two bedroom, one bath house with no parking but thats okay. There is plenty of parking around town although most of it is limited to two hours and there is apparently quite the anal traffic cop that enjoys running around making certain everyone has a ticket.

  • Hello World (aka, my first post) [2007 Edition]

    Hello world. So I have decided to start a blog about whatever happens to come into my life. I suspect it will result in many posts covering software development, graphic design, playing or producing music, and most certainly my travels. I am currently building a small company that provides business solutions to small and medium enterprises. We work on content management and inventory control systems along with various business intelligence projects and web development. We build Rich Internet Applications as well. Flash and Actionscript have been good friends of mine for many years and I have recently been playing with Adobe’s Apollo project that you can find at Adobe Labs. I have been working on and developing with TYPO3 for about four years now. TYPO3 is a content management framework written mostly in PHP and I have found it to be the swiss army knife of platforms although it certainly has some shortcomings that will most likely be addressed in version 5 codenamed Phoenix (surprise).