This past Wednesday we finally moved into our new place in Maui. It’s about 1000 square feet and in the Maui county seat of Wailuku at base of the mountain entrance to Iao valley which is wicked beautiful. It is a two bedroom, one bath house with no parking but thats okay. There is plenty of parking around town although most of it is limited to two hours and there is apparently quite the anal traffic cop that enjoys running around making certain everyone has a ticket.

Down the street we have the Cafe Marc Aural restaurant and bistro serving mostly Mediterranean fare with open mic and poetry slams throughout the week so Francis and I are really looking forward to taking part in all of that. I am looking into getting the new Clearwire wireless broadband since Time Warner says it will take two weeks to hook up the cable modem and that just wont work. Not only that, with Clearwire I can take my broadband anywhere I like as if it were a cellular phone! In other words, it’s like have my own traveling wifi hotspot.

Anyhow, there is plenty to do with the release of Slipcase Media’s new Web Express Core product line launching along with some heavier software projects in the works from our Business Solutions unit so I have to keep the blogs rather short for the time being.

Aloha and thanks for reading.