For years now I have been an ardent Eclipse user. The Eclipse IDE is not only open-source software and ‘free as in freedom’ but the incredible effort put forth by so many great individuals and actual, thinking corporations has resulted in an amazingly usable and easily adaptable development environment.

Often enough, if I need a new feature or tool set for a particular project I find that it has already been solved and publicly available. At other times, especially when coding around some new framework or project, I can meld the coding standards and libraries into the IDE rather naturally. It’s almost child’s play adding useful documentation and templates. Anyhow, enough with the Eclipse fanboying… if that’s even a word, on with the post… Read the rest of this entry »

The complete post isn’t at the web archive. It only appears on the wayback machine at the time of this writing. If I find the original post I’ll update this page.