Just a quick note about NetBeans. I use NetBeans IDE 7.0.1 at the moment and not too long ago I installed the Git plugin from the Plugin Portal in the hopes that it would speed up my workflow a bit. In all honesty, I’m a big fan of Git on the command line and never really even used the Git plugin aside from briefly. It was slightly useful to see in the file tree what was and was not under version control but even that was not so interesting.

Anyhow, some time after this NetBeans started taking forever, and I mean FOREVER! to create a new file. It was getting painful. Sometimes as long as a minute to create any kind of file. Anyhow, I opened up Tools->Plugins and started poking around only to find a plethora of plugins I certainly don’t use and make no sense to have installed. CVS! Really!?

In order to actually find that these plugins are activated you have to go to the Installed tab and check the Show Details box, which seems a little strange but okay. There you will find and, for sanity’s sake, deactivate CVS along with any others you don’t use. I also deactivated Mercurial and Subversion, which I haven’t used for years since falling head over heals for Git.

Finally, I deactivated the Git plugin, which at the moment was at version (holy version number Batman!). After this NetBeans was back to creating files in a reasonable amount of time.


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