Posted a new Bald Face Hornets video to YouTube. Check it out. Up close. Really up-close. No talking, just buzz & nature sounds abounds. This one is more into the start of a series of videos starting in July. I suppose this could be considered episode one.

I find it relaxing to watch them do what they do. Building the nest, bringing in food, cutting away branches with their face parts or hauling out the wasted from within is fascinating. They didn’t seem to mind my presence too much at this point in the process. It was still very early and I had just found the nest about a week prior. They don’t seem to have the numbers to do much guard duty or attacking passers-by nor do they seem to care at all, really.

I annotated some of the video a bit below. There is quite a bit of activity to enjoy. Please check it out on YouTube and subscribe. Much appreciated.

  • 00:00 - Intro
  • 00:12 - Intro gets cooler.
  • 00:21 - On with the no talking buzz show.
  • 00:42 - That’s a tail grabbing landing if I saw one.
  • 00:56 - Solo landing. Pretty well done.
  • 01:00 - Hornet works feverishly to expand that right quadrant.
  • 01:06 - Take off and landings.
  • 01:12 - Nest inspection time.
  • 01:20 - Face kick the nest inspector. So rude.
  • 01:25 - Landing. Reasonably executed post face lander.
  • 01:35 - Expansion continues at a furious pace. Note the mandible movement. It’s stunning.
  • 02:16 - Those face parts.
  • 02:45 - Builder does a funny little dance then head back inside.
  • 02:50 - Lol. Sneaky peeking. Probably curious why the other left.
  • 03:05 - This is how you leave flying backwards.
  • 03:15 - Please keep your seatbelts fastened.
  • 03:24 - And your tray tables in their upright position.
  • 03:48 - Inspections and building continue.
  • 04:08 - Quite the busy airport.
  • 04:24 - Hello. Coming in from below.
  • 04:33 - Questions about this flying thing, eh?
  • 04:46 - A beautiful work of art that nest. Stunning.
  • 05:02 - A nice take off and landing to roll the end off.

The wasps nest is well tucked into a Spruce near the water close to the coast in New England. From what I’ve read, they are mostly female and sometimes they even revolt against the queen. I have not witnessed any revolts that I’m aware of. Plenty of fun and interesting behavior to share otherwise.

What are your favorite things about wasps and hornets? I’m a fan of their eating pests like mosquitos and the goofy behaviors they exhibit. They are getting drunk in that nest prior to take off sometimes. I’m sure of it.

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